Personal Cultivation Classes

Introductory Qigong (1A)
Prerequisite to Medical Qigong
(New classes start each spring & fall)
Fee: $100/month
Location: Nature's Path Center
Instructor: Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, D.C., DMQ (China)
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This first course is designed to introduce the student to the basic theories of energy cultivation, as well as strengthening the body's protective energy field (Wei Qi) and the techniques used to avoid absorbing Toxic Qi while in the clinic. Other topics covered in this introduction course will include the Three Dao Yin Regulations of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy (Respiration, Posture and Mental training), as well as the Tonification, Purgation and Regulation of the body's internal organs and Twelve Primary and Eight Extraordinary Channels, Emotional Detoxification, Healing Sound Therapy, and Energizing the body's Three Dantians.

Students will be trained in various methods of meditation and tissue manipulation which serve to stimulate energy flow in the body's energetic channels (pathways), help regulate nerve function, strengthen the body's immune system, and promote the circulation of Blood and Qi.

This first course will concentrate on building a comprehensive foundation of energetic medicine with a focus on clinical Qigong therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Emphasis will be placed on the practical clinical applications of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy.

View the Syllabus.

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