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"Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy:
A Comprehensive Clinical Text"
by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

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Medical Qigong Classes

Qigong Massage
(Tuina, Five Element Massage, AnMo)
Date: TBD
Location: Nature's Path Center
Instructor: Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, D.C., DMQ (China) and Dr. Mary Wallis, DMQ (China)

This class is for all energetic practitioners and body workers. What does this class offer? A strong vehicle and catalyst to link one's Qigong practice to the community. A deepening and refinement of one's energetic and tactile palpation skills. A confidence builder for your table work skills. An application for correct structural body alignment utilizing Neigong principles to maximize treatments. An exhaustive set of proven Chinese soft tissue skills with immediate applications. An elective beyond the scope of the Medical Qigong courses. Nature's Path Center is very excited and pleased to announce a new class this fall in Qigong Massage where we will take an extensive tour through the body with the soft tissue skills of Tuina, AnMo and Five Element Massage. This course is intended both for energy practitioners and body workers with beginner, intermediate or advanced backgrounds. All student levels will gain insights to elevate, refine with immediate application to their client practice.

Throughout this course, the student will learn, integrate, and apply Neigong (structural linking the musculoskeletal system) exercises to develop the internal linkage and body structure mechanics necessary to embody and execute the Tuina, Five Element Massage and Anmo skills effectively. Tuina is a Chinese soft tissue (muscle and tendon) therapy used in China for 2,000 years. It uses the traditional Chinese medical theory of the flow of Qi through the meridians as it basic therapeutic orientation. Tuina seeks to harmonize the flow of Qi through the system through hand manipulation techniques that are based on Pushing and Grasping movements. AnMo, which means Pressing and Rubbing, is a set of techniques that date back to the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, c. 200 BC, where it was used to effect the movement of Qi and to invigorate the blood. Traditional Anmo focuses on the energetic balancing of the viscera through manipulation with the hands. This can bring energetic harmony to the major organs, facilitates the flow of Qi and blood throughout the body. Five Element Massage seeks to influence the muscles, nerve fibers and deep underlying tissues of the body to aid metabolism and stimulate the energy balance of Qi. Five skills relating to the Five Elements and their associated organs are utilized for establishing the energetic vitality of the body. There's an amazing amount of knowledge and experience that will be shared in this 12 week course. It will bring your table work skills to a new level. If the content speaks to you, please join us.


Man's energetic field is suspended between the two energy fields of Heaven and Earth.

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