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Microcosmic / Small Heaven Meditation
Date: Thurs, May 31 - Mon, June 4, 2012
Retreat Location: Cazadero, CA
Lodging: Highland Dell Lodge
Meals: All Inclusive
Instructor: Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, D.C., DMQ (China)

This 5-day meditation retreat is for those looking to delve deeply into the Microcosmic Orbit via the Twelve Earthly Branches.

Microcosmic / Small Heaven attunement is a progressive set of specific movements and exercises. These movements serve to bring awareness at the physical, energetic and spiritual level, whereby you will observe your present energetic flow and attune the flow till there is a misting of energy through the vessels. A smooth, uninterrupted flow of energy along this path gives rise to health, balance, longevity and well-being.

The Microcosmic / Small Heaven energetic path so vital to your health is the initial manifestation of life at conception when father's sperm enters mother's ovum. A Taiji Pole and the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel are created. Thus, new life begins with the circulation of energy through the Microcosmic / Small Heaven orbit.

The ancient Daoist Masters observed that circulation of energy along man's Small Heaven (Microcosmic path) resembles the circulation of energy of the earth around the sun (Macrocosmic path). Thus, one of the highest levels of Daoist cultivation is with the attunement of one's Microcosmic energy to the Macrocosmic energy of the universe. Join with us to receive this Daoist transmission of self-discovery and health.

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