Personal Cultivation Classes

Sun Tai Chi
Fee: $100/month
Location: Nature's Path Center
Instructor: Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, D.C., DMQ (China)


The class focuses on Sun Lutang's Tai Chi form, which is geared towards energetic and spiritual cultivation. This personal cultivation class is also a part of MMQ course work. Students learn to move with structure and root, integrating the physical and energetic body into a soft yet powerful unified movement. In terms of personal cultivation, the student learns to access physical structure as well as increase energetic sensitivity. In terms of medical practice, the student learns to feel, control, and direct Qi, while maintaining proper body mechanics, all of which translates into more effective treatments. The highly energetic form is also a powerful vehicle to replenish and strenghten Qi which may become depleated in the course of treating patients.

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