Personal Cultivation Classes

Taoist Longevity Movement Exercises
Date: TBD
$100 / month
Location: Natures Path Center
Instructor: Dr. Seth Lefkowitz, D.C., DMQ (China)


The Daoist Longevity Movement Exercises are a set of 14 Daoist dynamic yoga exercises handed down from the sacred mountain of Huashan (Flower Mountain) some1,000 years ago. The movements were formulated to consciously circulate internal vital qi through the meridians and channels of the body. Many of these movements are precursors to Tai Chi systems (Chen, Yang, and Sun) embodied today. The exercises are ideal for promoting health and longevity, preventing illness, and developing the internal body linkage necessary to effectively circulate and regulate qi in the body.

Who should take this class?

  • This is a great class to share with your friends as a powerful introduction to the benefits of Qigong
  • Individuals looking for a stand-alone daily practice to increase their health, as well as their overall well being
  • Qigong students looking to learn the foundation of Tai Chi through repetitive movements and building this matrix into the body's physical and energetic memory
  • Tai Chi students who've learned the form, but are not yet experiencing the continuous energetic flow of Qi

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