Personal Cultivation Classes

Introductory Qigong (1A)
Prerequisite to Medical Qigong

1A Class Syllabus
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The Wuji posture allows for the proper physical alignment of the body. Structure is important because it allows for the smooth, unrestricted flow of Qi through the body.

Pulling Down Heavens
Pull Down Heavens is a gentle qigong exercise which prepares the body for the conduction and movement of qi. In this qigong, the Yin energy of the Earth and Yang energy of Heaven are guided through the body, for the purposes of clearing and harmonizing the energies of the body.

Chi Scatter
The purpose of this series of qigong exercises is to prepare the body for the conduction of qi. It is beneficial for releasing the daily stresses held in the body. The chi scatter sequence relaxes the muscles, clears the mind, and grounds the body.

The breath is one of the "Three Regulations" of medical qigong. The other two are "Posture" and "Mind Intent". The breath is natural, abdominal and diaphramatic breathing. In natural breathing, air fills the lungs and extends the diaphragm downward. Both inhalation and exhalation should occur through the nose; although, exhalation may also occur through the mouth, depending on the nature of the qigong.

Point Massage/Point Clearing
The purpose of this exercise is to disperse excess qi which may have accumulated in specific points and or channels during your qigong practice. This qigong is also regulatory in nature, serving to "even out the highs and lows," by moving excess qi into areas where there may be deficiencies.

Channel Dredging
This qigong is for regulating/balancing the twelve Yin/Yang Meridians. In this exercise, you will be using physical contact betweeen your hands and the surface of your body to create qi movement in your body and to increase your energetic sensitivity.

Swaying is a dynamic qigong which is typically practiced in a standing posture. Swaying is for tonifying, strengthening and regulating the five Yang organs. This qigong should be practiced daily, as it assists with regulating the peristaltic action of the digestion system. Those with digestive problems and irregularity will greatly benefit from this qigong.

Microcosmic Orbit
The Microcosmic Orbit exercise creates movement is the Governing and Conception Vessels. As all the main channels of the body connect with and cross over the Governing and Conception Vessels, creating movement in these two channels creates movement in all of the main channels of the body. This is a regulating exercise.

1-4 Meditation
The "1-4 Meditation" is part of a longer meditation called the "1-10 Meditation". This meditation begins with a full body scan, which enables the student to bring awareness and relaxation to all aspects of their physical body.

Daoist Five Yin Organ Exercises
The "Daoist Five" is a sequence of dynamic qigongs which brings movement and qi to the Yin meridians and their associated organs. The Yin organs and meridians emphasized in this sequence are the Lung, Kidney, Liver, Heart and Spleen. Through the Daoist Five sequence, you will be introduced to the concepts of tonification, "Five Element Theory", and the the "Creation/Governing" cycle.

Healing Tones
Healing Tones are a powerful means of purging excessive or stagnant energy from an area of the body. Through the use of sound vibration, mind intent and the focused breath, the student is able to purge energy from an area or organ.

Old Man
Stories are powerful vehicles for conveying information and knowledge. "Old Man Looking for a Pearl at the Bottom of the Tidepool", is a story which allows you to remember and embody a toning sequence used for purging the Lungs and for creating a gerneral clearing of the upper, middle, and lower dan tians.

Shee Toning
The "Shee" toning sequence is an excellent method of bringing balance to the Triple Burner (San Jiao) and to the Endocrine system, which has correspondences to the chakras. Use of the shee tone, will help regulate your whole system.

Opening the Three Dan Tians Meditation
Opening the Three Dan Tians meditation combines physical movement, focused breath, and focused mind intention to bring awareness to the boundaries of each of the dan tians.

Golden Ball Meditation
This qigong is practiced for the refinement of qi. It reflects/embodies the 8 directions in which energy moves in the body and in nature: gathering, rising, expanding, contracting, flowing in, flowing out, descending, dispersing.

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